Preplanning Arrangements

Selecting which cemetery in which you are going to purchase memorial property is a very important decision. We encourage you to compare cemeteries by visiting each one that you are considering. Schedule an appointment and meet with a representative to discuss the burial options offered by the cemetery and how they can meet your needs. Obtain a price list and ask for a tour of the grounds.

It is far easier for your family if memorial property is purchased prior to its need. Preplanning allows you, together with your family, to make an informed decision regarding your final resting place, thereby leaving no possibility of doubts or regrets. Your selection is made after careful deliberation and not under emotional distress.

In addition, preplanning offers you the opportunity to purchase memorial property at today’s prices rather than in the future when prices are sure to be higher.

After comparing the beauty, care and maintenance of other cemeteries, we think you will find Hillside Cemetery to be your first choice. Our considerate staff will assist with you selection. Please call 908.756.1729 to schedule an appointment.