Established 1886

1401 Woodland Ave.

PO Box 360, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Tel 908.756.1729 Fax 908.756.2484

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Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
Saturday 9am-12pm
The office is closed on most Federal holidays, see below.

Visiting Hours

The grounds are open for visitation every day including holidays, 8am-5:30pm when Daylight Savings Time begins; 8am-4:30pm when Daylight Savings Time ends.

Interment Hours

Interments/Funerals are permitted between 8:30am and 2:30pm on weekdays, and between 9am and 12pm on Saturdays. There will be no interments/funerals on Sundays or holidays, or when the office is closed.

Holiday Schedule

The Cemetery office is anticipated to be closed on the following holidays in 2020:

January 1 - New Years Day
February 17 - President's Day
May 25 - Memorial Day
July 4 - Independence Day
September 7 - Labor Day
October 12 - Columbus Day
November 11 - Veterans Day
November 26 - Thanksgiving
December 25 - Christmas

The Cemetery office is anticipated to close at 12pm on the following days in 2020. Burials on these days must be scheduled prior to the 12pm closing time:

April 10 - Good Friday
]uly 3
November 25
December 24
December 31