Established 1886

1401 Woodland Ave.

PO Box 360, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Tel 908.756.1729 Fax 908.756.2484

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aboutusadminbldg Administration Building

The classically designed administration building, constructed of Indiana limestone, was completed in 1932 and is harmoniously maintained and landscaped. The Trustees Room, a large reception room and rest rooms are available for the convenience of visitors. The building contains Fire King cabinets and a large vault for storing old records, and a complete system for contemporary records.


Hillside Cemetery is located on 129 rolling acres with stately trees, evergreens and many flowering shrubs all in a historic and tranquil setting. The serene landscape is renowned for its care and upkeep.




If you are considering the purchase of a memorial property, compare the beauty, service, care and maintenance at Hillside Cemetery.




Whether for future use or in time of need, the considerate staff at Hillside Cemetery will assist you in your selection. We are a non-sectarian, not-for-profit corporation. Please telephone 908.756.1729 for further information or to schedule an appointment to view the grounds.