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The following historical gravesites can be found at Hillside Cemetery. To locate the burial sites listed below, please download and print a copy of the Cemetery's Guide Map to Historical People, or visit the Cemetery's office for more specific directions.

Founders of The Hillside Cemetery Association

  • gilbertsmCharles Potter, Jr.

  • Mason W. Tyler

  • Augustus C. Baldwin

  • Alexander Gilbert

  • William B. Wadsworth

  • John W. Murray

  • Lemuel W. Serrell

  • Augustus D. Shepard

James Frank Hubbard (1827-1905) Civil War Union Captain

Robert Lowry (1826-1899) Hymnist

Winfield Scott Post No. 73 Grand Army of the Republic Burial Site

Eli Long (1837-1900) Civil War Union Brigadier General

J. Herbert Case (1872-1972) Deputy-Governor and Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve

Julian Scott (1846-1901) Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient; Artist

Kimball H. Stiles (1830-1914) Civil War Union Captain

William Nelson Runyon (1871-1931) 50 th New Jersey Governor

Warren C. McLaughlin (1876-1923) Left-handed Pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates from 1900 – 1902

Percy Hamilton Stewart (1867-1951) US Congressman

Charles Aubrey Eaton (1868-1953) US Congressman

Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery (relocated from Arlington Avenue, Plainfield, NJ in June 1903)

Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman (1852-1930) Author

James Edgar Martine (1850-1925) US Senator

Jonas Lie (1880-1940) Artist

DeWitt Rapalje (1880-1950) Engineer of City of Plainfield

Joseph Black, Jr. (1924-2002) Pitcher Brooklyn Dodgers, 1952 National League Rookie of the Year

Dudley S. J. Moore (1935-2002) Actor, Comedian

Ernest Robinson Ackerman (1863-1931) US Congressman

J. Evarts Tracey (1868-1922) Civil War Union Lt. Colonel, Distinguished Service Medal recipient; Architect

Matthias C. Dobbins (1837-1909) Civil War Union Captain